Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog relapse

During the month of October I wrote just two blogs and none for November until now.  There are two excuses for this and I will share them with you.

1.  The first is that I had some random health problems in October that lingered into November.  My exhaustion came from my thyroid and it really knocked me for a loop.  I would take looong naps and slept my October weekends away.  I literally could not stay awake.  Even the kids noticed.  I knew that near the end of the month I was due for my annual thyroid checkup so I waited it out.  That was stupid.  Ironically, my results weren't too bad, but we adjusted the medicine and I can say that the exhaustion is finally gone.  It's amazing how much better it is when you're not exhausted all the time.  The other health issue occurred at the same time as my exhaustion, so I thought they were connected.  It was intestinal so I won't go into detail.  The doctor did tons of tests and then suggested I get tested for colon cancer.  I know I don't have cancer, because we're made of hardier stock than that (so my mother would say)!  So, I'm getting over it.  I think I just need to realize that I'm getting older and can't eat all the crap that I used to. That sucks.

2.   The second reason for not being very blog prolific is that I don't know what to write about.  I'm no expert at writing but I started a blog about writing.  Great idea, dummy, jump first and think later.  Maybe my blog scope is too narrow since I don't have much writing expertise.  I could write my thoughts and opinions about writing and how it should/could be done but there's a plethora of more skilled people already writing about the same topic.  In fact, it wasn't until I started spending time on AQC, Twitter and other blogs that I realized I knew so little about writing.  How embarrassing.  Maybe my mom was right after all and I shouldn't write. (I don't think she ever said it in those words, but she encouraged me to go in a different direction.)  But since I like doing it, I will keep doing it.  I just might have to alter my expectations a bit.  So, I started toying with the idea of writing about other things too.  Like what if I included a page that included recipes I like.  Or what if I tell amusing stories about my family or pets?  It may not float everyone's boat, but I guess the great thing about blogs is they are completely optional. 

Any way, my rant is over, my excuses have been communicated and now I'm able to shift gears and think about my NaNo story.  Thanks for reading.  Have you had challenges maintaining your blog?  If so, share in the comments section.