Round Robin Blogvel :The Skeleton Key

“Look, it’s a blog!”
“It’s a novel!”
“No, wait, it’s a BLOGVEL!”
That’s right folks.  We don’t need Superman anymore to save the day.  Not when we have 18 crazy albeit creative writers willing to join together and write a traveling blog novel.  Michelle Simkins of the blog was the originator of the idea.  She courageously asked other writers if they would be interested in writing a chapter for the blogvel.  I think she might be a little surprised and overwhelmed at the response that she received.  Yes, a total of 17 writers will join together for this literary masterpiece.
Michelle has written and published the first chapter.  She will also bring it all home by writing the last chapter.  In between those pots of gold will be a rainbow of different writers each penning a chapter.  It’s going to be so fun to do, and I hope that you will find it fun to read.  Here is all the information you will need to follow along.  Share this adventure with your friends. 
The blogvel is titled “The Skeleton Key”.

Chapter 1–May 30. Greenwoman
Chapter 2–June 6. Inner Owlet
Chapter 3–June 13. Word by Word
Chapter 4–June 27. In the Jungle
Chapter 5–July 4. The Creativity Rebellion
Chapter 6–July 11. The Party Pony
Chapter 7–July 18. Hey Now
Chapter 8–July 25. The Demeter Diaries
Chapter 9–August 1. Jello World
Chapter 10–August 8. Laura’s Universe
Chapter 11–August 15. Words from the Woods
Chapter 12–August 22. Greenwoman (we had a cancellation, and Greenwoman is stepping up to the plate.)
Chapter 13–August 29. Chelsea Rose Fine Arts
Chapter 14–September 5. Tighty Writie
Chapter 15–September 12. Ready, Write, Go
Chapter 16–September 19. In the Jungle
Chapter 17–September 26. Shelly Brown
Chapter 18–October 3. Greenwoman