Sunday, July 10, 2011

My internet pal Michelle Simpkins of GreenWoman blog fame, has given me an award!  Now, I know you were thinking, “What?  How could this be?  What momentous, impressive thing has Kellie done now?”   I assure you, although it’s probably hard to believe, I didn’t earn this one.  In reality Michelle stated that I was too nice not to accept. 

(How did she know that?  I’ve really got to become a tougher internet personality!)

It’s actually a very sweet and silly award.  It’s called the Seriously Cute Blogger Award and apparently has nothing to do with looks.  In order to accept I need to share five books, movies, or TV that I’ve read/watched over the last 12 months.  The hard part will be to narrow down.  Actually, that may not be too hard, I have a terrible memory!

#5.  Book  I am currently reading The Complete Guide to Editing Your Fiction by Michael Seidman.  I love his analogy that the first draft is the stone that you pulled from the quarry.  It isn’t until you chisel away at it, through revisions that it becomes the statue of David.  I’ve only begun this book, but I’ve been a little at a loss about how to edit my story, so I decided I needed help.  Like Hermione Granger, I turn to books when I want to learn.

#4.  Movie  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  We are eagerly anticipating Part 2.  In fact, just yesterday we competed at our library’s Harry Potter Trivia Contest.  During the last competition my 8 and 10 year old ruled, coming in second place.  This time we didn’t fare as well because there were tons of competitors and they were all teenagers.  We finished a very proud 4th place and treated ourselves to ice cream to celebrate.  My husband and I wished our boys knew math as well as they knew Harry Potter!

#3.  TV  I’ve pretty much given up TV in the two months or so.  However, I did have some TV shows DVR’d that I liked that I hadn’t watched.  So this past week on vacation I watched six episodes of GLEE.  I admit it, I’m a Gleek!  I assume that when fall TV rolls around I will continue to DVR my two shows – Chuck and Glee.  Other than that, no TV is necessary in my world.

#2.  Book  The BIBLE.  Preferably the Eastern Standard Version.  It’s the closest translation to the Greek and Hebrew.  It’s this amazing non-fiction story about God and how he loved the world so much that he gave his only son (also God) to die for our sins.  The ultimate sacrifice!  And we didn’t even deserve it.  Grace at its finest.  It’s truly a great book of Good vs. Evil with Good triumphing.  If you haven’t read it, I mean really read it to understand it, I highly recommend it.

#1.  BLOGS  Do blogs count?  Because it seems like that’s most of what I’ve been reading lately.  Take a look at the Blogolicious section of my blog to find some great blogs.  There are more that I read that I haven’t added to the list yet, but here’s a starting point.

I'd like to thank the Academy....


cherie said...

Kellie, I love your new layout! So pretty ;)

Congrats on the award, cutie!

Riley Redgate said...

There's no beating teenagers when it comes to Harry Potter! It was our childhood :)

Agreed with Cherie - the new layout is very stylish!

KellieM said...

Cherie and Riley,

Thanks for your comments. I have been having blogger envy over Cherie's blog template, so I tried to find something a little catchier. Thanks for the feedback.

Oh, and we would have won the trivia if it weren't for "Scooby and those pesky kids". Is that the right quote for Scooby Doo? *sigh*. Oh, but Riley, you would probably appreciate this. Our team name was "Rumbleroar" from the Very Potter Musical. We loved it.

Anonymous said...

Correction..."English" Standard Version, not "Eastern". Geek.

KellieM said...

Thanks for the correction, Honey! I know you love me anyway because you read my blog.