Sunday, August 28, 2011

Can you handle the truth?

Joanna Volpe of Nancy Coffee Literary is having the best contest ever!!!

Monday, August 29th, for one hour (7am-8am EST), you may send her an email query and she will respond with completely honest feedback.  You need to go to the contest rules to make sure your query will be considered.  You can do that here

I am so excited about this contest.  Can you imagine?  Sending a query to an expert and having them provide more than just a form rejection.  Really getting to know what they thought.  Whether or not it's the query itself or the story line that needs work.  I mean, we all want the agent to call and offer representation, but we get more rejections than we do that dreamed of phone call.  So why not take this opportunity and get some real feedback.  Who knows, maybe your feedback from Ms. Volpe will even be a request for a partial or full.

I know that my story as a stand alone chapter book is a tough sell to publishers.  What I would love to know is if the story has promise.  Enough promise to convince an agent that it's worth it to represent and try to get it published.  If it's not, it's time to move on and chalk it up to experience.  If it is worth it, then I'mma gonna keep on pushin' it.

Yes, I can handle the truth!!!


Riley Redgate said...


What a BALLIN' opportunity.

KellieM said...

Oh, my gosh! I just realized I spelled Coffey incorrectly in the first sentence. I hate typos. Please forgive me!!!

catwoods said...


Thanks for providing such great info. Chapter books can be tough, but someone buys them!

Hope the contest turns out for you!