Monday, August 15, 2011

I won the lottery!!

I won the Lottery!!

People are fascinated by the concept of winning the lottery. 

“If I just won the lottery…” people say, and then launch into all the different things they would do.  It’s fun to think about having all that money and getting to make all your own choices.  It seems like it would be so freeing.  And yet a lot of people that win don’t handle it well.  They divorce, they spend all the money, they change who they are.

But, what if you did win the lottery?  What would you do first?  Would you be practical or wild?  Would you tell everyone or keep it a secret?

I admit that I like to think about winning the lottery.  I haven’t bought a ticket this year but I bought a few last year.  So, since this is completely hypothetical, what would I do if I won? 

This is how I would handle it (at least in my imagination).  My husband and I would rejoice, smile, cry, hug, get busy….   Then we would contact a lawyer to understand the best way to protect the assets.  Once we had a good grasp of what would really occur and how much money it actually would be, we would contact the lottery people (whoever they are).

I assume we would want to keep our win anonymous.  Even if it doesn’t change you it can definitely change how others view you.  I would quit my day job, which I really do like, but would give up for the opportunity to spend more of my time with my family.  I like to think that I’d work out in the mornings since I wouldn’t be running off to work so early.  Right now I always come up with some excuse not to work out – work, too tired, meetings, etc.  I’d also like to think that I would cook nice dinners for the fam.  Normally I don’t get home in time to do this and my husband cooks.  He does a nice job but I would like to have the time to actually think through some meals and plan. 

I would also like to travel.  There are so many places in the US and beyond that we haven’t seen.  The magnificence of this earth is overwhelming and it would be nice to experience different cultures and climates.

One of the big wins would be the freedom to write.  Winning the lottery would take away the financial burden which requires me to work outside of the home and would give me more time to write.

Lastly, or maybe firstly, I would volunteer.  Not just money but also time.  There are so many wonderful causes that need time and attention.   We already do a lot of volunteering but it would be nice to have more time to be involved.

What would you do if you won the lottery?  Am I too tame/boring?  Would you jet-set all over the world?  Have huge elaborate parties?  Move to Hollywood and hang with the celebrities?


Sarah said...

This is such an interesting question and a great post on it! I purchase a lottery ticket about once every five years or so, and to me, the cost of it is like paying admission to my own imagination for awhile. It's fun to think about what I could do with all that money. Still, I like to limit my fantasy to those few times, or else I think it would make me feel bad instead of grateful for what I've got!

KellieM said...

So true Sarah! It is easy to be caught up in the "I want" instead of being grateful for the "I have". I do have fun with the idea of winning but don't let it drive me to buy tons of tickets!


catwoods said...

I don't suppose I could win if I never buy a ticket?

Anyway, I have four beautiful kids who would get an outstanding college education. I love my house, but would love it more if I could redo my kitchen cabinets from tired oak to warm and wonderful hickory. The floors, too, need a make over.

I already get to write as full time as a mom of four can, but we don't travel enough as a family. Yearly trips would definitely become a part of our future.

I came from nothing and I currently need for nothing. I volunteer already, donate to worthy causes and live my life gratefully every day.

In that respect, I think I've already won the best lottery life has to give.

Great post!

KellieM said...

Thanks Cat! There are a few things on my wish list too. However, like you, I'm already grateful for all that I have.

It's not really about "stuff" is it?

cherie said...

I've never bought a lottery ticket in my life, which eliminates the "what if?" scenario for me. But just for the purpose of speculation, what would I do with the money?

Good question.

I saw a TV documentary on this once, featuring lottery winners and what they did with their money. A lot of them lost more than what they originally had prior to the winning because of the false sense of security. They made poor decisions and ended up losing all, plus more of their own savings. Sad stories. But then there are those ones who used their winnings wisely, and ended up gaining more.

So it boils down to how we view our prize money. Also, I heard that after you pay taxes with it, you don't have nearly quite as much left.

I would definitely invest it for my kids' education. It just seems like a good, safe, and worthy use of a money that one didn't work for.

Anyway, good post, Kellie!