Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blogging is like an elliptical machine

As you can see from the number of my blog posts, or lack thereof, I’m new at this blogging business.  I began with great momentum and interest.  My friends at AQC shared how easy it was to do.  I had a goal to write clever, witty, and informative discourse.  Build a platform that interests people and showcases my writing talent.  I can do this and be good at it!  However I am finding that life gets in the way.  It was a really busy week: long hours at the day job, different meetings at night for the DH and me, spending time with the kids, and next thing you know, the week is over.  Good intentions don’t turn into blog posts.

Exercising on the elliptical machine is like blogging.  Everyone always promises themselves that they will go to the gym every day or work out 3 times a week.  They are going to lose weight or look great!  Admit it – you’ve all said it!  But life gets in the way.  Intentions don’t become lost weight or bigger muscles.  If they did, we’d all look really great!

The thing about blogging (or writing) and exercising is that in order to see any improvement you actually have to DO it.  You can't just call yourself a writer, you actually have to be a writer.  It requires action and commitment. Your intentions will only cause you to spend money on a gym membership or purchase a laptop.  Intentions don’t bring any rewards.  Intentions don’t actually put words on the paper or hit the power button on the elliptical.  

If we can get beyond our intentions and into practice, we start to see improvement.  Once you get on the machine and you start to sweat you begin to see the changes.  You’re taking control and putting your destiny in your own hands.  It does require more than intention; it requires sweat, dedication, and potentially exposing yourself in a less than flattering light.  But the rewards are huge.  We see change, improvement and confidence.   We make friends that have similar interests and struggles.  We come to realize that our joy is in the journey.

I’ve got good intentions.  I have my laptop for my writing and my elliptical for my workouts.  Now comes the fun part.  It’s commitment time.  Action time.  Set up a schedule for the writing and the exercising.  GO.  DO.