Monday, May 30, 2011

Tales from the Weekend Domestic Goddess

This morning I was performing some responsibilities related to my status as Domestic Goddess.  (I only hold this title on weekends and holidays.)  During the week I am relegated to Slave of the Grind.  The task I was performing this morning was to ensure that the royal subjects had multiple apparel choices.  In other words: laundry. 

I had just counted the number of shirts and pants that had been organized on my bed that required hangers.  The royal subjects had already retrieved their stacks of apparel to place in the appropriate drawers and closets. The Domestic Goddess can only do so much and still retain her title after all.  I walked into the closet (it’s a walk in, so yes, I actually walked in) to gather the hangers for my husband and me.  As I was moving through the different racks of clothes looking for the hidden empty hangers I counted down in my head.  I needed 24 hangers.  During my choosing of hangers, I skipped over the fat plastic hanger and instead chose a typical plastic hanger.  I don’t know how we came to have just one fat plastic hanger, but there it hangs.  Waiting for an article of clothing to cover it.  I felt bad that I hadn’t chosen the fat plastic hanger but didn’t think too hard about it since I was on a mission to complete the laundry.  Once 24 hangers were in my hands I moved back into the bedroom.

My husband’s clothes were quickly hung on the hangers and I took a couple of trips to put the clothes on the right racks in the closet.  I’m a little OCD that way I guess.  However, when I was putting my clothes on the hangers I realized I had miscounted by one.  I brought the clothes into the closet and hung them on their appropriate racks.  I had the shirt without a hanger gathered in the crook of my elbow.  I was so happy that I was able to give the fat plastic hanger a job.  I didn’t want the fat plastic hanger to feel bad.  I am a Domestic Goddess with a good heart.  Or I could just be a strange lady who puts human emotions on inanimate objects.  But doesn’t everyone?


Anonymous said...


Yes. I totally assign feelings to inanimate objects. So glad I'm not alone. :)