Sunday, May 1, 2011


I’m not a coffee drinker personally.  I prefer Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke above all liquid refreshments.  Yes, all.  However, I realized that like coffee, my stories tend to percolate.  Drip, drip, drip, the ideas start to flow.  Initially they are just in my head and more subconscious than conscious.  Over time, I start to feel guilty that I haven’t written anything and begin to doubt my seriousness as a writer.  “Look at everyone else #amwriting on Twitter.  How come they’re writing and you’re just reading Twitter?” But a good cup of coffee takes time to percolate and so does a good story.

Several weeks ago I had asked my family to help me brainstorm ideas for my new story.  My husband and elementary school aged sons gave me the premise for this new story in about 5 minutes.  We just sat around the restaurant table after church and built on each other’s ideas.  It was fun and kept the family entertained while waiting for the food to arrive. 

Last night I decided that it was time to write my outline for the next children’s chapter book on which I’m working.  Twitter got turned off with nary a post by yours truly.  The blank sheet of paper in front of me was just waiting for the perfect words.  I decided that the story had percolated long enough and that I should see what comes out of the spout. 

Ahhhh, now that’s a good cup of coffee!


Lora said...

How exciting! It's great to just turn off all the social media and just get to writing ideas down and see what comes of it. Best of luck with your new book :)